Ell' Bistro | Ellipsum Élmény- és Strandfürdő

The Ell 'Bistro awaits visitors of the spa on the ground floor of the building next to the reception hall. Our 400 sq meter restaurant (4,300 sq ft) can accommodate up to 500 guests offering popular seasonal domestic and international cuisine in addition to a patisserie. From Friday to Sunday, the menu’s offer is expanded by a variety of new meals. The restaurant offers daily and seasonal specials along with pastry items that can even be enjoyed outside on our cozy terrace during the warm season. For tea-lovers, tea parties are also offered on weekends and holidays.

For the convenience of our guests, there is no cash flow in the Ell 'Bistro, food and drink consumption can be paid at the expense of the access wrist-watch. Beside that, we also accept bank card and SZÉP card (OTP, MKB, K&H - hospitality sub-account) as a means of payment.