Terms And Conditions For the use of the Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath | Ellipsum Élmény- és Strandfürdő

Location and presentation of the ELLIPSUM Adventure and Outdoor Bath

The Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath was established as an extension of the Miskolctapolca Outdoor Bath, inaugurated in 2015. The beach, the silent wellness and the adventure bath are located in two areas and operated under a single administration. The bathing services in the area are separated according to the following system.

Presentation of the units:

Adventure bath: A year-round complex operating in a 4-season system.

  • Building 1 (Entrance Hall, HALL): reception hall, cash desks, gift shop, offices, water blocks, cloakroom (out of season).
  • Building 2 (ELL'BISTRO, ELL'CAFÉ): changing rooms, restaurant, café, baby feeding area, massage hut on the changing room level.
  • Building 3 (RELAX HALL): 3 adventure pools with several adventure elements, “VIP” gallery, outdoor pool, sun terrace, seasonal outdoor pool bar.
  • Building 4 (RAMAZURI HALL): adventure pool square with 3 slides: with Funky, Flash and Déjávu experience.
  • Building 5 (LILIPUT): children 's pool, wet playground, playroom, outdoor pool.

Outdoor bath: It is only open seasonally, from June to August.

  • In the main building: Adventure pool, Wellness pool, Hydro-massage pool, Herbal sauna, Core sauna, Relax TV infrared sauna, Salt chamber, Ice chamber, Steam chamber, Massage department, Fitness room and Wellness bar.
  • Outdoor area: 50 m swimming pool, family pool, sports fields (volleyball, football, tennis, badminton), outdoor and water playground, buffet pavilions as well as summer changing rooms are available for the Bath Guests.
  • hereinafter referred to as "the Bath"

Attention! We inform the Bath Guests that by purchasing a bath ticket or by using any of the bath services, the Terms And Conditions are also accepted and their observance becomes mandatory for our Guests. Anyone who violates its contents or fails to comply with the warning will be denied the service, and the Bath will not be liable for any inconvenience or injury resulting from the violation of the rules.

 The Bath is a cashless institution, where Guests can use our services operating in the Bath at the expense of the access watch (restaurant, VR sliding, massage, etc. based on the service map). At all our cash desks, our guests can pay and settle their consumption balance both by credit card and SZÉP card voucher.

Within the area of the Outdoor bath there is an electronic camera system, the fact of which the Guest acknowledges by purchasing the ticket or the service (bath ticket, service, coupon, voucher).

In order to protect the rights of the individual, the system will treat any images of the Guests as confidential. Recordings of images may not be disclosed to third parties, unless necessary for the exercise of public authority in order to carry out the procedure.

In the case of a complaint, the operator uses the pictorial material as part of the proof procedure.

Published by Judit Németh, Managing Director, Miskolc Fürdők Limited Liability Company.

  • Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath operator:

Miskolc Fürdők Limited Liability Company

 (3519 Miskolc, Pazár I. sétány 1.).

  • Owner of Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath:

Miskolc Holding Önkormányzati Vagyonkezelő Zrt.

 (3530 Miskolc, Petőfi Sándor utca 1-3.).

  • The supervisory bodies of Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath:
    • Clerk of the City of Miskolc (3525 Miskolc, Városház tér 8.)
    • B-A-Z County Government Office Miskolc District Office Authority Department of Public Health (3501 Miskolc, Meggyesalja u. 12.)
    • The Consumer Protection Department of the competent District Office of the competent Government Office of the place of residence or place of business. Contact details of consumer protection authorities: http://jarasinfo.gov.hu, http://fogyasztovedelem.kormany.hu/teruleti
    • In case of a complaint, it is possible to turn to the County Conciliation Board of your place of residence. Contact details of conciliation bodies.

 I. General provisions

Compliance with the provisions of the Bath Policy will be mandatory for the Guest by purchasing the ticket and entering the Bath area. Anyone who violates the Policy may be denied the service and that person may be obliged to leave the territory of the Spa. Student: Full-time and evening students, up to the age of 25, showing up with their own valid ID card with a stamp (sticker).

1. In this case, the guest cannot claim a refund of the ticket price, he cannot claim compensation for the refusal of the service.

2. The Terms And Conditions apply to the entire territory of the Ellipsum Adventure and Outdoor Bath Miskolctapolca.

3. An employee performing responsible service activities in the Bath - Bath manager, shift manager, restaurant manager, bartender, cashier, animator, sauna master, fitness trainer, masseuse, cleaning staff, and employees of the Bath - is considered an official person, and the Btk. § 310 applies to the protection of official persons as well  in the Bath, persons in a contractual relationship with the Miskolc Fürdők Limited Liability Company.

It is the fundamental duty of the Head of the Bath and the staff of the Bath to ensure that Student Guests: Full-time and evening students, up to the age of 25, showing up with their own valid ID card with a stamp (sticker)

4. Receive a Cultured service and relaxation. They ensure the enforcement of health, accident prevention, personal and property protection, official and other provisions and regulations. Their important task is to ensure that the material and personal conditions of safe operation, from the point of view of health, work and fire protection, are continuously ensured. To this end, any sources of danger that may arise must be eliminated by the employees of the plant, or their location must turned unavailable or removed from the sight of the Guests.

5. For the monitoring of the bath areas, Miskolci Fürdők Kft. Operates an electronic monitoring system (hereinafter: camera system) built with a closed  technical solution system under the following conditions:

  • The camera system is intended solely for the protection of human life, physical integrity, personal liberty, the prevention and proof of offenses, the protection of property and the control of complaints.
  • Its application shall be limited to what is strictly necessary to achieve the objectives set out in point 1 and shall not constitute a disproportionate restriction on the right of informational self-determination. The camera system is not located in rooms where surveillance may violate human dignity due to the purpose of the room (eg. changing room, toilet). The lockers in the changing rooms are monitored by the cameras, so when changing, we ask our guests to use the changing cabins. The camera system meets the highest level of requirements of data security and automatic recording of images. The recordings are stored after the recording for the purpose of evidence in criminal, infringement or other administrative or judicial proceedings instituted in respect of the offense or irregularity committed at the place of fixation, including civil proceedings, instituted by the person concerned for the enforcement of his or her rights, even in civil proceedings, as evidence, be used by data controllers authorized by law. After the expiry of this period, unused recordings shall be deleted immediately so that they can no longer be restored. Except as provided in the following paragraph, the recordings made by the camera system shall be accessible only to the system operator, they shall have access to them only in cases necessary for the performance of their obligations under the contract and in order to prevent or interrupt the infringing act, and may transmit the recordings only to a court, infringement or other authority. The transfer may take place only in cases specified by law and after proper proof of the legal basis of the data processing requesting the recording. Recordings must be deleted immediately after transmission. A person whose right or legitimate interest is affected by the images recorded by the camera system may, within five days from the recording of the images, request, by proving his right or legitimate interest, that the data not be destroyed or deleted by its operator. At the request of a court or other authority, the recorded images shall be sent without delay. If the request is not made within sixty days of the request for non-destruction, the image recording shall be deleted immediately so that it can no longer be recovered. The data subject must be guaranteed the exercise of all the rights listed in the Act on the Right to Self-Determination of Information and Freedom of Information, subject to the restrictions set out therein. A record shall be kept of the inspection of the recordings, which shall include the recorded recording, the name of the person entitled to inspect it, as well as the reason and time of access to the data.

6. The services can only be used with a valid ticket or pass and the confirmation of payment for the entry ticket and the service.

7. The services available in the Bath can be used by the Guests within a credit system, the payment of which can be settled in cash, by credit card and SZÉP card voucher at the main cash desks during the stay in the Bath and at the end of the stay. There is a possibility for payment during bathing at the cash desk in the Ramazuri Hall, where our Bath Guest can pay free of charge with a credit card and SZÉP card.

8. Everyone can use the services and equipment of the Bath only at their own risk. If the recommended use is not respected by the Bath Guest, he / she acts at his / her own risk. The Bath is not responsible for any resulting discomfort or injuries.

9. By purchasing a ticket, the Guest consents to the creation and publication of any image and video content about him. Otherwise, you must complete a waiver.

10. In order to protect the health and physical integrity of the persons using the services of the Bath, the following persons may not visit the Bath:

  • patients with fever and infectious diseases (eg. gastrointestinal and skin diseases)
  • patients with convulsions, loss of consciousness, conspicuous or extensive pathological skin lesions
  • drunk persons;
  • persons under the influence of drugs or intoxicants.

If any of the above conditions exist, the Bath staff may refuse any of the services to the Guest. The staff will ask the Guest to leave the Bath.

 11. Guests are required to fully comply with the instructions given by the staff and indicated on the warning signs.

12. In case of extraordinary swimming pool closure due to operation or external factors (for example: force majeure, meteorological phenomenon, hygienic reason), the Guest is obliged to leave the swimming pool at the request of the pool supervisor. In this case, the guest will not be reimbursed for the ticket price and will not be able to claim compensation for the extraordinary pool closure.

13. The regulations arising from the local characteristics of the Bath and the services are contained in the Operating Regulations. The regulations are available for inspection by the Head of the Bath during the opening hours.

14. During the operation of the Bath, its activities are regulated by Decree 121/1996 (VII. 24.) on the establishment and operation of public baths  and Decree 37/1996 (X. 18.) NM decree on the public health conditions on the establishment and operation of public baths..

15. During the operation of the Bath, the Bath is obliged to ensure:

  •  the quality of the water in the pools, based on requirements of the authorities ;
  • cleaning, tidying up and disinfecting the pools, changing rooms and other areas belonging to the Bath;
  • pool safety oversight;
  • keeping rescue equipment on standby;
  • that, in the case of pools operated by a filter rotator, the water returning to the pools after filtration complies with the quality requirements laid down for drinking water;
  • daily emptying of the pools, which can only be started after the Guests have left the pool;
  • ensuring the water temperature undertaken in each pool;
  • a pool prepared and fully filled in accordance with the regulations.

16. The price of the service also includes the service fee, therefore the employee of the Bath cannot claim or demand any other benefits from the Guest.

17. Tariffs for paid services are available at the cash desks and on the official website, on outsourced electronic interfaces, and on price charts.

18.  Services for guests are available to them in the order in which they arrive in the Bath. Exceptions are pregnant mothers, the blind and visually impaired and people with reduced mobility. Other services in addition to the bath service (e.g. sauna infusion / program, massage, VIP service) can be purchased in the manner specified on the website and in the bath cash desks.

19. Children under the age of 14 may stay in the Bath only with an accompanying and supervising adult and under their responsibility.

20. Children under 14 years old are not allowed in the swimming pool without adult supervision.

21. In the Outdoor Bath (Strandfürdő) part, the swimming pool can only be used by a person / guest who can swim.

22. The swimming pools can be used in swimwear. Topless wear or naturist sunbathing and bathing are not allowed in the Strandfürdő area. For women, it is mandatory to wear a swimsuit (bikini, monokini swimsuit, swimsuit) (waterwear available in stores as a swimsuit), and for men, it is mandatory to wear swimsuits (in material and purpose) above the knee. In case of dispute, the Bath staff has the right to refuse the Guest service to the Bath. Swimwear is also mandatory for children. The use of a swimming diaper is mandatory for children under 2 years of age or children who are not toilet-trained.

23. It is forbidden to put rubbish in the flower pots placed around the pool, the waste must be disposed of in the waste collection containers placed for this purpose.

24. The area around the pools can be wet, so there is a greater risk of slipping. To prevent accidents, we recommend the use of bath slippers. Please use the slippers provided for this purpose to avoid further accidents. It is recommended to use the Ramazuri Hall around our bathing halls without slippers, due to the use of slides.

25. The preservation of the facilities, equipment and cleanliness in the Bath is in the common interest of the operator and the Guest. The Operator shall indemnify the Guest who causes damage to or steals any of the tools, equipment, buildings and vegetation of the Spa.

26. Pursuant to the Non-Smoking Protection Act, smoking is only allowed in the Bath area in areas designated by the sign and clearly identified. Please place the cigarette butts in the designated butt holders. Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings or on the terraces of the restaurant, patisserie and café. Smoking is only allowed in the designated area. Smoking areas are clearly marked with a sign and pictogram, as well as on the service map.

27. Guests are not allowed in the Bath outside of opening hours.

28. You must not jump into the pools from their side walls. It is not allowed to endanger your own and others' physical safety or disturb your peace.

29.  With the exception of the family pool located on the beach, the use of water toys (rubber floating ball, inflatable ball, normal size rubber mattress, floating rubber, etc.) in the pools are NOT allowed and must NOT be allowed to take in the pools.

30. The pools, typically the swimming pool, can be rented by the Bath Operator to sports organizers and schools during business hours.

31. Those with any prosthesis, neck and spine injuries, and epileptic bath guests are not allowed to use the slides.

32. In the children's pools, for health reasons, adults can only stand and sit on the edge of the pool.


  • It is forbidden to bring into the Bath area an object that is dangerous to the physical integrity of others, that is toxic, harmful to health or hazardous.
  • It is forbidden to eat in the pools of the Bath and within 5 meters of them, to drink, to bring fragile or any other objects that might cause accidents and injuries and to contaminate the water of the pools in any other way.
  • Drinks purchased in the seasonally operating open bar of the Adventure Bath are an exception from this rule. Although eating in the Pool is forbidden!
  • It is forbidden to stay within 5 meters of the swimming pool (e.g. wellness, shower, etc.) in street shoes and/or street clothes.
  • Use of the pools without the use of showers and footbaths is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to take the slippers into the pool and it is forbidden to put them on the grid structure of the edge of the pool.
  • It is forbidden to stand on the lattice structure of the edge of the pool.
  • It is forbidden to stay on the steps of the pool and obstruct the traffic of others.
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the Bath area, with the exception of a helper dog, according to the 27/2009. (XII.3.) SZMM decree, which, however, cannot enter the pools and stay in its 5-meter radius, and must not go indoors. Compliance with the local livestock regulations no. 19/2001 (V.7.) is mandatory.
  • It is forbidden to act in a way that violates public morals or public order. Obscene, offensive, defamatory remarks, physical abuse, hateful acts for racial, ethnic, religious or sexual orientation, sexually motivated physical contact, and any form of conduct that may be indicative of sexual intercourse and/or cause outrage and fear in others, shall be prohibited in the Bath area.
  • It is forbidden to dye or cut hair, shave, manicure and pedicure, brush your teeth or perform any cosmetic treatment in the whole area of the Bath.
  • Unauthorized persons are not allowed to stay in the factory area or machine room, or any area closed to the guests!
  • It is forbidden to put a fire or build a tent in the area of the Bath, except for a sun tent up to 2 m2!
  • It is forbidden to carry out noise-generating activities in the area of the Bath.
  • It is forbidden to plug the underwater nozzles in the pools of the Bath
  • It is forbidden to jump into the water of the pools from the side, to disturb the peace of others and to endanger them while using the pool.
  • It is forbidden to bring a motor vehicle or a bicycle into the Bath area, to ride it during operating hours, except for service vehicles.


1. Cash opening and closing at the same time as the Bath is open. Leaving the pools is coordinated by staff half an hour before closing to close the checkouts.

2. The access armstrap and/ or armband is non-transferable. It is mandatory for everyone to wear the access armstrap and/ or armband in a visible place.

3. The Guest is obliged to wear the activated armband/ watch when entering the Bath area and to hand it over on departure. Entry and exit is via the revolving gate. In case of loss or damage of the armband/ armwatch, the Guest is obliged to compensate the damage in HUF in the manner specified in the valid price regulations.

4. Opening hours:

summer/ seasonal period (June 01-August 31) uniformly from 10:00 to 20:00

in the off-season (01 September to 31 May)

  • Adventure bath on weekdays: 11:00 to 19:00
  • Adventure bath on weekends and public holidays: 10:00 to 20:00
  • Outdoor Bath: closed
  • Wellness on weekdays: 13:00 to 19:00
  • Wellness on weekends and public holidays: 10:00 to 20:00
  • Pool closing: 19:30 

5. The Bath operates continuously in a four-season system. The opening hours of special public holidays, as well as holidays other than usual for any reason, must be published in the daily press or in the Bath's own area.

6. The management of the Bath may change the opening hours in justified cases (technical error, water shortage, water pollution, extraordinary weather, etc.), which must be communicated online and in the form of an announcement posted in front of the building and in front of the cash desks.

7. The Guest enters the service area through a revolving gate, through an access control system. The use of the gates can be activated by purchasing the Bath Services.

8. The SZÉP card voucher can be used in the entire Bath area at any check-in point. Our Guests can use the funds uploaded in any virtual pocket.

9. In the souvenir shop goods, hair-slides, gifts, special toiletries, durable food and hygiene products related to the use of the Bath Services are available for purchase. The Guest arriving in the Bath can also pay here with the SZÉP card voucher.

10. The ticket purchased is valid only on the day of the purchase, at the base time corresponding to seasonality, once a day for entry and only for the service for which it was issued.

11. In the event of the loss of the access watch handed over in an activated state upon entering the territory of the Bath, the Guest is obliged to compensate the damage caused in accordance with the value of the surcharge specified in the valid fee regulations. The fact of the loss must be reported to the main cash desks as soon as possible.

12. When using the fitness and massage services, the Guest can use them on a voluntary basis, which he automatically accepts by purchasing the service. The Bath is not responsible for any inconvenience caused.

13. The access watch is non-transferable. When entering as a group or family, a a common, central watch can be generated at the main cash desk.

14. Children under the age of 14 may only enter the Bath under the supervision of a parent or trusted adult, and a group of children may enter the Bath only with an accompanying adult.

15. Eligibility conditions for a discount:

  • Free below 4 years of age
  • Children from 4 to 14 years
  • 14-25 years of age full-time students by presenting a student ID card
  • group: over 15 people (15 people + accompanying person)
  • family: minimum 3 people (2 adults, 1 child) (for children between 4 and 14 years old)
  • Coupons and discount cards issued on the basis of a written agreement are accepted by the Bath in its own regulations and in accordance with its contracts.
  • Miskolc Pass Classic card, Miskolc Pass Tourist Card, Sinosz card

* Student: Full-time and evening students, up to the age of 25, with their own valid ID card with a stamp (sticker)

16. Certificates entitling to discounts must be presented at the cash desk when purchasing the entrance ticket.

17. Events beyond the opening hours are governed by the measures set out in a separate contract for the operation of the Bath.

18. The Guest has the opportunity to pay with the entrance watch for the services of other services providers and catering units operated by Miskolci Fürdők Kft. It is also possible to pay with bank card, and with the SZÉP card voucher. We also offer the possibility to pay out-of-pocket in the restaurant, cafe and gift shop. The credit system operator has limited the amount of services available to pay by the entrance watches, which can be settled by the Guest at the main cash desk or at the cash desk of the Ramazuri Hall during the day before starting further consumption. The credit limit is included in the service fees of the Bath.

19. The operation of the outdoor pools during the off-season is weather dependent. In the event of a major storm or summer shower, the pool operator may announce a temporary closure. In such cases, the Bath service ticket will NOT be redeemed. During the operation period, we inform our Guests about the limited use of the pool at the cash desk and depending on this, you can redeem your service ticket, so due to the restrictions we are not able to accept a refund request.


1. The Customer Book is available to guests at the cash desks, at the reception of the main building and in the restaurant.

2. The Guest is entitled to record his comments on the method of the service, its quality or the behavior of the employee performing the service in the Customer Book.

3. The head of the Bath is obliged to examine the merits of the entry and inform the Guest about the result in writing within 30 days after the entry.

4. The Guest might contact directly with his complaint

  • The notary of the Local Government of the City of Miskolc (3530 Miskolc, Városház tér 8.)
  • The Miskolc Branch of the Regional Inspectorate of Northern Hungary of the National Consumer Protection Authority (3530 Miskolc, Városház tér 1.)


1. There are spots designated for first aid in the Bath. In the event of an accident, it is the duty of the supervising pool master to provide the Guest with the nearest first aid facility. The building has a medical room where, depending on traffic, the operator provides suitably trained staff.

2. A first aid worker must also be on duty during the Bath's opening hours. The first aid station must be marked with a separate sign and symbol.

3. For those rescued from the water, the designated manager and the supervising pool master are responsible for the designation of the first aid provider and the physician (even if the rescue appears to have proceeded smoothly and the rescued person feels good).

4. The Bath prepares a report on the injury, which must be signed by both the injured person and the person caring for the injured person, after being entered in the Accident Log.

The Bath has liability insurance.


1. The operator Miskolci Fürdők Kft. shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the disappearance of objects left unattended in the area of the Bath.

2. Guests can place their luggage at their own risk in the counter that acts as a cloakroom in the corridor on the locker level in the main building, for which the operating company is responsible according to the number of stored luggages, but does not take responsibility for the value of the items in the luggages.

3. Objects found in the Bath area must be handed in at the reception of the main building. It is entered by the dispatcher in the "Log of found objects".

4. You can return the found item to the certified owner by entering it in the "Log of found objects".

5. Found items are stored for 30 days.


Use of the car park at the main entrance of the ELLIPSUM Adventure Bath is subject to a fee. It operates according to a separate parking policy, where our guests can find the parking fees.

It is mandatory to follow the mandatory direction and parking order indicated by the traffic signs in the car park.

Miskolci Fürdők Kft. does not take any responsibility for the damage caused to the cars in the parking lot.

The parking area is a camera surveillance area.

There are separate regulations for parking and charging electric cars.

The operating company has separate regulations for the parking system.

You can view information on parking and electric charging on site.


1. The changing rooms can be used by our guests as intended. Outdoor changing rooms are also available on the beach during the summer season.

2. The lockers and cabins are opened at arrival and locked on departure by the Guest. The proper use of lockers serves the safe handling of changing space. The The Bath Guest is responsible for the proper closing of the cabins. If this is not the case, the Bath will not be liable for the incorrectly closed cabin and its contents.

3. Everyone is obliged to carry with them the ticket issued in the cloakroom. Footwear should be handed over in a nylon bag to the cloakroom attendant. In case of loss of a ticket, a surcharge will be paid according to the posted price table.


Each slide may only be used in accordance with the conditions on the associated pictogram. Slides should only be used with due care and without endangering the physical integrity of oneself and others. The instructions of the slide operators must be followed completely.

Sliding should only be started at the appearance of the green signal. It is forbidden to start sliding at a red signal.

After sliding, leave the incoming section of the slide as soon as possible.

In the event of a jam or accident at the donut slide, the authorized personnel will climb into the slide using the escape tower. He takes out the slip rubber and then drops it from the top of the tower. After that, the fleeing person also leaves the tower with the help of a ladder designed for this purpose. Unless justified, climbing the escape tower is strictly forbidden.

Using a VR slide and VR device:

VR goggles must be requested at the pool supervisor’s desk. The selected program out of the 4 possible programs will be activated by the pool supervisor. The selected program will not start until the slide starts. After sliding, the VR goggles must be returned to the pool supervisor. In case of loss of VR goggles, the Bath Guest is obliged to pay an additional service fee. In case of damage to VR goggles, you are required to pay an injury surcharge.

Use of the Funky slide:

Funky: Children under the age of 6 cannot use the donut slide alone, or a child under 120 cm may only use the donut slide with an adult. The slip weight limits must be observed, or in the case of a light child, slipping can be done together with an adult.

When sliding, the Guest can initiate the taking of an automatic photo with their watch. After the slide, you can chose an Ellipsum frame for the photo using an automatic display system and then send it to your own e-mail address in exchange of a sending fee. The display menu system assists the Guest step by step during the process.

Feature of the Flash slide:

Donuts and VR goggles MUST NOT be taken out of the Ramazuri building or transferred to other parts of the building.

Donuts that are no longer used should be returned to the designated, fenced pool area.

In the Ramazuri building, the rolling corridor can be used by guests with designated rubber donuts.

Liliput children's play elements can be used by children under 10 years of age. The owl family, beaver family, duck nest, ladybug, marsh turtle, flower, water fairy, log stumps, gargoyle operating in the Liliput children's world can only be used over 2 years of age. Gargoyle is an interactive child's play, with time control and close-to-nature sound effects, their use is only possible under supervision. Gargoyles can shoot water in one direction. Children under the age of 5 should only use gargoyles with ongoing parental supervision. Do not climb on any element of the gargoyles!

Adults are not allowed in the swimming pools. In order to supervise the child, the adult can stand in the children's pool or sit on the edge of the pool without covering the drain grille.

The use of a swimming diaper is mandatory for children under 2 years of age or not toilet-trained!

The outdoor recessed trampoline is suitable both for children and adults. The age group specified by the manufacturer is 2-12 years. The bouncer is waterproof, so the Guest can use it wet. Only one child can be on the trampoline bouncing parts at a time.

The recommended age for using the outdoor swing (balance swing) is 8-14 years. Only two people can be on the balance swing at a time! The use of the balance swing is prohibited in the event of storms and lightning. The operator may order a lock in this case by restricting the use of the outdoor pool.

Dry play equipment and the child's parents are liable for any damage caused to their belongings and are obliged to compensate the damage caused. The dry playroom can be used with parental supervision. An exception to this is the Liliputi cinema service, where the bath staff assumes child supervision for the duration of the film screening. For this period, a dry robe is provided to protect children. Please return the robes after use.

Tickets for the Liliput cinema service can be purchased at the Ramazuri building’s pool suvervisor counter.

The trampoline and the swing can be used by children under parental supervision and at his/ her own risk. The Bath is not responsible for any injuries.


Guests can stay in the area of the dry playroom exclusively in case there is an animator supervising the area. It is strictly forbidden to take the equipment of the room into the pool space. The use of outdoor felt slippers and bathrobes is mandatory in the room. It is FORBIDDEN to take the toys of the playroom out of the room.

In the dry playroom, children must follow the instructions of the animator.

It is forbidden to climb on the elements of the spray park!

For damage to the water adventure items and objects in the indoor and outdoor pool of the spray park and Liliput area, the Bath may demand compensation from the person causing the damage, or in the case of a child, from a relative.


  1. The wellness pool, sauna park, fitness departments can only be used with a valid ticket, upon payment of the service fee.
  2. The operating personnel ensures the operational safety of the elements of the sauna park.
  3. The regular use of the elements of the sauna park must be described by the operating personnel at the request of the Guest.
  4. The guest cannot use his own essential oil in the sauna.
  5. Guests who violate the rules of wellness or disturb the peace of others must leave the area at the request of the operating personnel without a refund.
  6. The sauna service cannot be used naked without the use of a bathing suit or bath towel.
  7. Indicating the service prices in front of the main cash desks of the Bath is obligatory.
  8. Everyone can use the wellness services at their own risk.
  9. Children under the age of 14 can only stay in the wellness area under parental supervision! Sauna is not allowed under the age of 14 for health reasons.
  10. It is forbidden to play ball in the wellness area, to bring a rubber mattress, other inflatable toys and swimming and floating aids into the water!
  11. Before using the services of our wellness department - for hygienic reasons - the use of the shower is mandatory!
  12. Taking food and drink into the entire area of the wellness and fitness room is strictly prohibited, only the consumption of locally purchased products is allowed.
  13. Our dear Guests can find the instructions for the use of the saunas and cabins at their entrance. The use of sheets or towels is mandatory in all units of the sauna! Bath Guests possessing a sauna ticket or a season ticket, as well as combined tickets and passes containing the right to use the sauna service, can use  the bath towel provided by the Bath in exchange of a fee.
  14. It is forbidden to bring press products, fragile objects, food, spirits and other objects not closely related to the service into the saunas and their foyers!
  15. The behavior and movement of the Guest in the sauna must not disturb the peace and relaxation of the other Guest.
  16. Use of the saunas and chambers ends 30 minutes before closing time.
  17. It is forbidden to enter the sauna areas in street clothes and street shoes!
  18. In case of malaise in the saunas, the use of the Alarm Bell is guaranteed.
  19. In the fitness room, only those with the appropriate qualifications are entitled to hold sports activities, education and training.
  20. Children under 4 years old are not allowed in the fitness room. Children between the ages of 14 and 16 can stay in the sports grounds under parental or coaching supervision.
  21. The fitness room can only be entered and trained in appropriate sportswear (sports shoes, sleeveless shirt, T-shirt, top, sports pants). Training in slippers, sandals or barefoot is not allowed. It is forbidden to use all kinds of street shoes! Personal trainers and managers have the right to draw the attention of visitors to the correct use of appropriate sportswear! For hygienic reasons, it is forbidden to use fitness machines in swimwear!
  22. In the hall, everyone can use the exercise machines and equipment only according to their purpose and the guest’s shape and strength, at their own risk.
  23. After using the machines and equipment in the fitness room, all users are obliged to leave the machines in the default position and return the equipment to its regular storage location.
  24. The use of equipment in the room is assisted and controlled by personal trainers.

Contraindications related to sauna:

  • It is forbidden for patients with febrile illness and acute arthritis!
  • It is forbidden for people with varicose veins and certain hormonal diseases!
  • It is forbidden for people with heart and circulatory disorders, kidney disease!
  • It is forbidden for children under 14 years of age!
  • It is forbidden for those under the influence of alcohol!


  1. The voice announcement system may only be operated by authorized personnel. Unauthorized persons must not use the device.
  2. On the loudspeaker information related to the operation of the Bath, public interest calls, important message and advertising material of the contracted partners may be communicated.
  3. The voice system should only be operated at a volume that does not disturb the peace and relaxation of the Guests.
  4. Playing a pleasant, cozy music is allowed. The operator is entitled to a loud advertising service, if its operational powers allow it.


The TVs located in the Bath area must be switched on by an authorized employee before the opening hours and after closing, they must also make sure that the devices are switched off.

The device must not be used by unauthorized persons.

Only approved content can be displayed on TVs, it is strictly forbidden to play other images or films!

It is strictly forbidden to store TV remote controls in a place accessible to guests! Only staff may operate the devices.

In the event of the technical breakdown of a TV, it is the duty of the personnel who detects the fault to report the issue to the shift supervisor, who will take further action to repair it.


The commercial and catering activities in the Bath are carried out by our own employees.

Our sales units: ELL'SHOP, ELL'CAFÉ, ELL'BISTRO, POOL bar and the Buffets in the bath area.

Only the authorized restaurant worker may be present behind the counter in the area of the catering units. Guests are not allowed to enter this area!

The equipment located in the area of the catering units can only be used by the restaurant staff. It is forbidden for guests to touch the equipment!

It is not possible for guests to handle the TV sets placed in the dining area of the catering units.

It is forbidden to take equipment out of the restaurant units!

It is forbidden to move the tables and chairs placed in the dining area from the area of the catering unit to other non-dining areas of the Bath.

Do not damage the furniture in any way!


With the combined daily tickets purchased in the Ellipsum Adventure Bath unit, both the use of the Outdoor Bath and the wellness is also possible. In case of transferring to the beach area, the Guest must pay the amount of credit used at the crossing gate. The crossing of the two areas takes place on the connecting gateway bridge. For combined tickets, we provide a Bath entrance watch compatible with the Outdoor Bath (Strandfürdő) system.

When entering the Adventure Bath from the Strandfürdő area, in the case of purchasing the Bath entry ticket, the Guest can only use the entrance watch in the in the area of the Adventure Bath. In case of returning to the Strandfürdő, the Guest is obliged to pay the credit value of the used services. On the gateway bridge the passage/ service can only be settled with a cashless purchase.


  1. A person who violates the provisions of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS or disturbs the order of the Bath, disturbs the peace of the Bath Guests, but his conduct does not constitute a violation, shall be expelled from the Bath and excluded from further use of the Bath services. If necessary, the assistance of an official person may be used. In the event of a recurring or serious case, the offender person may be excluded from the service for a longer period of time.
  2. An employee performing a responsible service activity in the Bath (bath manager, shift manager, restaurant manager, etc.) is considered to be an official person and as such is entitled to protection of official personnel.
  3. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS must be kept at the disposal of the Bath Guests in its entirety on the online surfaces of the Bath and at the cash desk, and must be displayed in a clearly visible place.
  4. If the Guest notices any abnormality or damage anywhere within the Bath, the Guest is obliged to report it to the staff.

Transitional measures according to epidemiological regulators:

Due to the current epidemiological situation, the following points have been added to our Terms And Conditions:

  • The Bath is not open to people with fever or vomiting-diarrhea, illness or respiratory symptoms!
  • A thorough soap bath is mandatory before entering the pool. After using the pool, an after-bath is recommended!
  • After using the washbasins, in addition to thorough hand washing and hand disinfection, a pre-shower with soap must be used again!
  • Do not eat or drink in the pool!
  • The pool can only be used in suitable bathing clothing!
  • A toddler who is not toilet-trained yet, can only enter the swimming pool in a swimming diaper!
  • Adults are not allowed in the children’s pool, with the exception of being in the pool for the purpose of supervising the child.
  • In the pools, on the beach and in the rest of the areas, it is mandatory to maintain a protection distance of at least 1.5 meters between Guests not living in the same household!
  • It is recommended to wear a face mask at the cash desks, service units and changing rooms!
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory before purchasing a ticket. In case of temperature and fever, the use of the services of the Outdoor Bath is not allowed.
  • It is mandatory for everyone to follow the instructions on the warning signs!
  • It is mandatory for everyone to follow the instructions of the personnel!
  • The use of slippers on the beach is mandatory in all cases!

Pursuant to Government Decree 194/2021 (IV.26.), only persons protected against the coronavirus and minors under supervision may visit the Bath

Only healthy guests showing no symptoms of the disease can be accepted!

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a respiratory virus that spreads primarily through droplet infection as well as through direct contact. For these reasons, we ask / recommend that you wear a mask and keep a safe distance outside the pool area.

The risk of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus through bathing water is extremely low.

General cleaning products, 0.1% hypo, 70% alcohol, and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, inactivate the virus on surfaces in 1 minute.

General rules of entry

  • Observance and fulfillment of Terms and Conditions
  • Measures taken in relation to COVID-19
  • Observance of individual restrictions (e.g staff limit)
  • Proper bathing hygiene behavior
  • COVID Certificate valid for over 18 years of age and proof of identity

Entry is only possible for adults over the age of 18 with a COVID Certificate and minors under the age of 18 under their supervision. The condition for entering the Bath is also the joint presentation of a valid COVID Certificate and an identity card. In the event of abuse, the person concerned may be required to leave by the personnel working at the cash desk. Misuse of identity and forgery are punishable by law.

The Bath operator operates in accordance with measures issued by the government. It follows the emergency recommendations and guidelines for the operation of public baths and informs its bath guests accordingly. The operator carries out the operational tasks with safety in mind and with increased inspection of the operational area and tightening of its regulations.


Miskolc, May 20, 2021.

Miskolci Fürdők Kft